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Add Role

The add role section allows you to add user specific roles, allowing you to set permissions for the back-end. (A single role can be used by multiple attendees).

Role Name

The Role Name will be the display name of the role and should be descriptive of what the role actually does.

Note: The Role name section also has two button, these buttons allow you to select all permissions or remove all permissions and will simply select all permissions or remove all permissions from the check-boxes


Role Selection

The role selection section allows you to set what access the role will grant and is displayed in a grid format with 5 sections

  • Section
  • Display
  • Add
  • Edit
  • Delete

The section portion pertains to the actual section you are adding permissions to


The display section, when selected will show that section on the back-end.

As shown in the image above, checking ‘Display’ on Alerts would mean the ‘Alerts’ section would be displayed for this role.



The add option, when checked means the users would be able to ‘Add’ an item to that section, in this scenario Checking Add for alerts would give the user the option to ‘Add Alerts’


The edit option, when checked means the user would be able to ‘Edit’ or “Manage’ an item in that section.



The delete option, when checked would give the user the ability to ‘Delete’ an item.

Note: The delete option and the edit option both grant access to the ‘Manage’ portion of the section, from the manage section depending on permissions will display different options to ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ specific items 

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