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Add Survey

The add survey section allow you to create a survey with an unlimited number of questions. In the add survey section you can set


Survey Text

The survey text section allows you to enter in text above your survey, this can be a great way to give instructions about the survey or add in privacy policy information. In the app this shows up in a blue box, at the top of the survey, leaving blank will result in no text at the top.


Is survey anonymous

This option allows you to set if a survey should be anonymous or not. When set the users information will not be attached to the survey, otherwise and set ‘name, email’ will be attached to the survey, if no name or email is set in the app no data will user data will be sent with the survey.



Is Survey a Poll

When set to Yes, the survey will show as a ‘Take Poll’ that will allow attendees to see real-time results of a poll by clicking the ‘view’ poll results. Additionally, each survey has a ‘Public’ link that you can load


Survey question prefix

The survey question prefix allows you to change how question are asked in the survey. The default is set to ‘Question:’ and will display as “Question: [your question]” this can be left blank or changed to better fit your survey needs




Survey Title

The survey title is used internally only and is how you link your surveys to stand alone surveys and sessions.



Survey Question

This section is where you will build out the questions, setting options for each question

  • Is Required
  • Question Type
  • Data Type
  • Character Limit
  • Question


Is Required

The required option allows you to set a question as ‘Required’ in the app.  When this is set on a question the words ‘required’  will be show in red and the users will not be allowed to submit the survey without first filling in this field



Question Type

The question type allows you to select the type of questions, ConBop allows you to select from


The QA setting will take the question asked in the ‘Survey Question section’ and allow for a input box for user responses



When setting the question to rating, it will show a range slider from 1 to 10


Yes / No

When setting the YES / No the user will see the option of YES or NO in the survey, this too takes the question from the survey questions section


Multiple Choice

The multiple chose option will give you a few different options. When selecting this you will now see options to ‘ Enter question title’ this will be the question for your multiple choice section. This differs from the other 3 options as it uses the ‘survey question’ section for your multiple choice options. To create you simply enter in each question on a separate line. These will show up in the app as a list of options. When in the app, if the options reach more then 5 they will be placed in a scrolling box as not to make the survey too long.


Input Type

The input type option allows you to set a specific input type. You can set things like

  • Text
  • Numeric
  • Date



This will set the input box to be text, meaning it will accept text and numbers as a response



This will set the input box to only accept numbers, this will also only open the ‘number’ pad on the device



This will reserve the section for ‘Date’ inputs only, when tapped it will open up the date picker of the device.




Character Limit

When an input is set to QA you have the option to set a character limit, this can be done to set response limits to say 500 characters to keep things manageable. The default is set to 0 meaning there is no character limit.




The question section is the section where you will place the question to be asked of the users unless the question type is set to multiple choice, then the question will have a separate entry as noted in the multiple choice section above.


Add another question

The add another question button will add another question to the survey, you can add as many questions as you would like,  after adding another questions simply fill it out as you had done the previous question.

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