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Upload Excel

The upload excel section allows you to bulk upload event speakers, allowing you to

Directly from the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet fields are

  • Title
    The speakers title
  • First Name
    The first Name of the speaker
  • Last Name
    The last name of the speaker
  • Website
    The speakers website
  • Email
    The speakers email address
  • Phone
    The speakers phone number
  • FaceBook
    The speakers Facebook URL
  • Twitter
    The speakers Twitter URL
  • LinkedIn
    The speakers Linked-In URL
  • Description
    The Description of the speaker
  • sid
    The sid is the speaker ID and should not be modified. This allows the system to identify what speakers need to be updated or added
  • Image
    The image section, like the sid section should not be modified as it will change the default image reference for the speaker


Add Speaker

Adding a speaker to the spread sheet is can be done by simply adding a new entry to the spreadsheet. When an entry is added to the spreadsheet with no ‘sid’ the system will treat the item as ‘New’ and insert a new speaker.


Update Speaker

Updating a speaker from the spreadsheet can be done by modifying a current entry that has an ‘sid’ this will tell the system that the speaker should be updated.


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