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Upload Excel

The upload excel section allows you to bulk upload session information from an excel spreadsheet. From the bulk upload, you can


Add Sessions

Adding a sessions from the spreadsheet can be done by first downloading the sessions template file by selecting the ‘Download Sessions Template’


Once downloaded you can then open the excel file and start adding / updating sessions information

The excel spreadsheet for sessions includes options for

  • Session Name
    The name of the session
  • Location
    The location of a sessions (adding a new location will create a new location in the system)
  • Day
    The date the session will take place on [MM/DD/YYYY] format
  • Start Time
    The start time of the session [HH:MM AM/PM] format 
  • End Time
    The end time of the session [HH:MM AM/PM] format 
  • Description
    The description of the session, this can include standard HTML [No Javascript]
  • Track
    Tracks associated with the session. Multiple tracks can be added by adding a comma delimited list of tracks. Tracks that are not currently in the system will be added as new tracks
  • Attendee List
    A comma delimited list of attendees assigned to the session. The list is a listing of attendee IDs. [Attendee IDs can be found under manage attendees]
  • SessionID
    The SessionID is the ID of the current session and should not be edited. Doing so will prevent the spreadsheet from uploading correctly
  • SurveyID
    This the ID of a specific survey [This can be found under the Manage Survey section]
  • SessionSpeakers
    The sessionSpeakers is a comma delimited list of speakers. The list utilizes the speakerID to tie the speakers to a session. SpeakerID’s can be found under the manage speakers section



To add a new session, simply add a new entry to the spreadsheet, when no sessionID is added the system will treat the session as a ‘New’ item


Update Session

Updating a session can be done by simply updating a session that is already in the spreadsheet. Sessions that contain a valid SessionID will be updated.


Note: If a sessionID is not valid it will prevent the spreadsheet from being uploaded, the sessionID should not be modified

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