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The rich text editor (RTE) is a powerful tool, allowing you to add highly customization details to sessions, freeform, speakers etc. 

The main toolbar for the RTE is very similar to programs like word or open office, allowing to you do basic text formatting.

To start off, we will go over the basic text formatting options

Highlighted in red we can see out basic format options

This will bold your text when selected
This will italicize selected text
This will underline selected text
Foreground Color
This will change the color of the select text
Remove formatting
This will remove any styling on the selected text
This will create a bullited list of the select items
Numbered Bullet
This will create a number list of the selected text
This will indent the selected text
This will outdent the selected text
Paragraph Formatting
This option will open a dialog to allow for more advanced paragraph formatting, allowing for Headings, Pre-Text etc
Font Size
This allows you to change the default font size (when available, some element such as headings may override this in app for formatting purposes)
Font Name
The font name option allows you to change the font face of the selected text
Font Formatting
The font formatting option allows you to add custom styles to your font, things like shadows, line hight etc can be changed here

The next portion of the tool bar allows you to add in more rich media to your details, going over the section highlighted in red

This will create a link to the selected text. (When tapped in-app it will open the link in a new window outside the app)
NOTE: It’s important that URLs include http OR https or links will not open properly
This will undo the most recent changes in the RTE (this is per session and does no store changes between page views or versions)
This will redo the most recent changes in the RTE (This is per session and does not store changes between page views or versions )
Insert Image
The insert image option allows you to add an image from any external source to the RTE. When selected a dialog box will open allowing you to add the image source (URL) as well as formatting the image spacing and or margins
Insert Youtube
This allows you to add a youtube video to your RTE, simply by adding the URL of the video on youtube
Insert Table
The table option allows you to add tables to the RTE for  a more structured data view
Insert Quote
This option will place the text into a ‘Quote’ type format
The edit HTML allows you to have full control over the content, while a more advanced option it allows you to do heavy customization of the text

The next section of the tool bar are ConBop specific tools, BTN and Section Set

The BTN section, when selected allows will make a button out of the selected text, allowing to both ‘Link’ AND ‘Phone Number’ buttons. (When Phone Number is selected, it will open on the device as a phone number)
Section Set
When selected it will create a button to a specific section in the app  (Form more details on section sets, see the section set section)

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