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Adding Images

Adding an image to your details is a great way to add more detail or visual interest to your detail pages.

  1. To get started you will first select the ‘Add Image’ icon on the toolbar

    Once the dialog opens, you will see a few options, but for the purpose of this overview will will focus only on the ‘Image Source’ section

  2. The image source section is the url to the image you wish load into the RTE (Rich Text Editor). This image source can be from any source such as a company server or the ConBop ‘File’ section. For this overview we will use the ConBop ‘File’ section to upload an image file.

    To add an image via the File section, (Save any section before navigating to the file section) navigate to the ‘File’ section via the backend and upload the image you wish to display in the RTE as shown below

    We start off by selecting an image from our file system as shown below ( Note: Image should be of reasonable file size >= 1 Meg)

    After the image has been uploaded, you will see it listed under the file section along with a URL to the file

    Highlighted above is the URL to the uploaded image, simple copy this URL and navigate back to the detail section you wish to add the image to.

  3. Now that we have the URL to the image, we can insert it into the RTE using the copied URL. We start by
    • Selecting the add image icon in the RTE toolbar
    • Pasting in the URL to the image
    • Selecting the ‘Insert’ button

  4. After you have inserted the image it should show in the RTE. 

Note: Its important to make sure your images are not wider then 300 PX as this can cause unintended display issues on the detail page, sometimes cropping the image on display. For greater control you can always drop into the HTML view and set the width to 100% for a more responsive image


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