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Manage Photos

The manage photos section will display your events photos in a grid view, displaying all photos uploaded to your event. From this screen you can


Download All Photos

The download all photos button allows you to download all the event photos to a zip file. The zip file will contains all the photos along with an excel spreadsheet with the photos file name and caption associated with the file(if any).


Set Photo Stream Approval

The set photo steam approval allows you to set how photos are approved. With two options

  • Manual Approve
  • Auto Approve

Allowing you to decide how photos are approved.

Manual approve will require you to approve photos from the back-end before they show in the photo stream.

Auto Approve will automatically approve photos and place them in the photo stream


Approve/Disapprove Photos

Approving and disapproving photos can be done by simply selecting the ‘Check Box’ icon next to each photo. When set or approved the option will appear selected and a green ‘Approved’ box will display at the top of each approved photo

To disapprove, you would simply select the same selected check-mark, clicking would ‘Disapprove’ a photo


Delete Photos

Deleting a photo can be done by selecting the ‘Trash Can’ icon on a specific photo, doing so will prompt you to delete the photo (This cannot be un-done)


Edit Caption

From the manage photos section you can also edit a caption of a photo if needed. To change the caption, you will need to first edit the caption you wish to change or add.


Once the caption has been modified, you will need to approve the photo again ( If a photo is already approved, simply unapproved and approve again, this will save the caption)

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