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Add Maps

Adding a map to your event can be done from the add map section. Maps can be any image you choose, from this section you can


Upload Map Image

The upload section of the add map page simply allows you to upload an image of the floor plan or area map itself. To do this, simply drag-and-drop and image to the upload section.


Set Map Title

The map title is the what will display in the app, this title will also be used when setting a ‘Map Point’


Is map an address

The is map and address setting, when set to yes will expost an option to set a map address. When this is set the app will open the map using the default mapping application of the device vs opening the map as a pinch zoom element


Show Map (Deprecated)

The show map, when set to no will hide the map from being displayed in the maps listing. This can be useful if you wish to have a ‘Pinch Zoom’ element in the app but do not wish for it to be a map

Note: This feature has for the most part been replaced by the ‘Files’ and section sets but may still be useful if a in-app pinch zoom of an element is needed


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