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Add Map Point

The add a map point section allows you to add map points to any map. A map point allows you to ‘pin point’ a section on a map to help attendees find elements on a map. An example might be showing where a specific exhibitor or sponsors booth is located. Additionally, you can also set map points for sessions or amenities.

Setting a map point is a simply 3 step process of


Selecting a map

The select a map section allows you select any map that has been uploaded to the system, once a map is selected simply hit the ‘Next’ button


Selecting an element

After selecting a map, the next section is to select the element or type of data that will be placed on the map point. The section selecting allows you to select

  • Sponsor & Exhibitor
  • Sessions
  • Amenities

Once a section has been selected, another drop down will be displayed, listing the available elements to select

Note: Elements that already have a map point will no longer be displayed in the drop down and can be edited under the manage map point section


Place Map point

Once you have selected the element, the next screen is to actually place the map point on the map. To do this, simply click on the map where you would like the map point to appear.

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