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Add Items

The Add Items section allows you to add game items. From this screen you can:


Add Item Type

The item type allows you to set the item type as 

  • New
  • Session
  • Exhibitor / Sponsor

When selecting New, the item will be added as a new game item, however selecting session or exhibitor / sponsor will pull in the details from the selected item. 


Item Name

The Item Name will be the display name of the game item. This will be listed by point value in the app under the gamification section. Attendees will be able to ‘Tap’ on game items to learn more about the item and see a picture. 


Item Value

The Item Value section allows you to set a point value for the game item. The value can be any positive integer. When an attendee scans the QR code, it will update their points. 


Item Details

The Item Details allows you to add details about the item. This can be anything you wish, including links. This section can also be used for instruction on where to find the item as well. 


Item Photo

The item photo tap allows you to upload a photo of the item to help better identify what they are looking for. When an item is scanned a popup of the item and the value will be displayed in the app.

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