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The files section allows you to upload different media to your event. Files can be

  • PDF
  • Documents (powerpoint, word etc)
  • Video (MP4)
  • Images (jpg, png)

Adding files can be done by drag-and-dropping the files you wish to upload on the upload section (You can also click and browse as well)

The file section also allows you to filter your files as well, allowing you to quickly view your files by type


When viewing your listing of files you will see

  • File Name
    This is the display name of the file uploaded
  • URL
    This is the URL to the file uploaded [For use when linking]
  • Viewer URL [PDF ONLY]
    The viewer URL is only for PDF documents and loads the PDF document up in a web-based viewer. This does not require special software on the clients device to view
  • Tool Bar
    The tool bar allows you to Edit, Delete, Download the specific file

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