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Upload Item Excel

The upload Exhibitor and Sponsors Items section allows you to bulk upload exhibitor & sponsor items from an excel spreadsheet. From the bulk upload, you can


Add Exhibitors & Sponsors items

Adding an exhibitor or sponsor from the spreadsheet can be done by first downloading the exhibitors & sponsors items template file by selecting the ‘Download Items Template’ button from the ‘Exhibitors / Sponsors > Upload item excel’ section


Once downloaded you can then open the excel file and start adding / updating exhibitor & sponsor item information

The excel spreadsheet for exhibitor / sponsor items includes options for

  • Item Name
    The name of the exhibitor / sponsor item
  • Item Website
    The website of the exhibitor / sponsor item
  • Item SKU
    The SKU or Item ID of the exhibitor / sponsor item
  • Categories
    The categories section is a comma delimited listing of the categories the item belongs to. If a category is no already in the system a new category will be added
  • Description
    This is the description of the exhibitor / sponsor item
  • Image
    This is the image used for the exhibitor / sponsor item and should not be changed (Informational only)
  • Parent ID
    This is the parent exhibitor / sponsor ID and must be in the PID format of ‘pid_[ID]’ eg: pid_191234292
    (This can be accessed on the manage exhibitor / sponsor page, listed under each exhibitor / sponsor )
  • iID
    This is the item ID, when in place the element will be ‘Updated’, if no iID is used the item will be added as new


To add a new exhibitor / sponsor item, simply add a new entry to the spreadsheet, when no iID is added the system will treat the exhibitor / sponsor item as a ‘New’ item


Update Exhibitor / Sponsor Item

Updating an exhibitor / sponsor item can be done by simply updating an exhibitor / sponsor item that is already in the spreadsheet. Exhibitors / Sponsors Items that contain a valid i will be updated.


Note: If a iID is not valid it will prevent the spreadsheet from being uploaded, the iID should not be modified

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