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Manage Sponsors

The Manage Sponsor section allows you to view all your current Sponsors. From this screen you can


View Sponsors

The main screen allows you to view all Sponsors, giving a friendly grid view of all your Sponsors.


When viewing the Sponsor list you can see

  • Image
  • Title
  • Sponsor Type
    Only is Sponsor is also a sponsor
  • Priority
    This is the list order of the sponsor category
  • Location
    The location of the Sponsor at the event e.g booth 234


Search Sponsors

The search box will allow you to search your Sponsors titles to help find sponsors you may want to edit or generate QR code for.


Download Sponsors

The download sponsors button will download all your sponsors to a spreadsheet. The downloaded spreadsheet can then be used to make updates and additions and re-uploaded via the ‘Upload Excel’


Generate Sponsor QR code

The QR code allows you to generate an on-the-fly QR code specific to the Sponsor. When attendees scan the QR code, it will take them directly to that Sponsor.



The QR share option allows you to generate a QR code that will trigger a ‘Share information’ screen in the app. Prompting the attendee to send their contact information to the Sponsor. The email address of the Sponsor will be used to send this information (If the attendee is validated, the date will send automatically. If they are not they will be prompted to fill out their name and email address)


Edit / Delete Sponsor

The edit / delete Sponsor options allow you to edit the sponsor OR delete the specific sponsor.

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