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Item Categories

The Item Category section allows you to group the items into relevant categories. An item can have an unlimited number of categories assigned to it. In app, the categories, when selected will group products of these categories. This allows you to have things like Blood Pressure, Heart, Surgery and place specific items in these groups. Items can be part of multiple groups, as an example a ‘Blood Pressure’ product may be listed in both ‘Blood Pressure’ AND ‘Heart’ categories.

From the item categories section you can


Add new category

The add new category button, when selected allows you to add a new category by simply selecting the add new category button

When selected, a new section will be displayed, allowing you to create a new category

Simply fill out the category name and select save category. Once saved the category will become ‘Selectable’ from the ‘Item Category’ section


Set item category

The item category section allows you to set the categories the item belongs to. Simply select the category from the ‘Groups’ section to have them placed in the ‘Selected Groups’ section

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