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The main dashboard allows you to see

  • Event Dates
  • Quick Links
  • Attendee Engagement
  • Event Details


Event Dates

The event dates section will show you your event start and end dates, as well the number of days left before your event starts.

Note: If an event has finished, it will indicate the event has ended

Quick Links

The Quick Links section allows you to quickly access common sections in the CMS, allowing you to one-click navigate to

  • Sessions
  • Speakers
  • Attendees
  • Sponsors
  • Exhibitors
  • Settings

Attendee engagement

The attendee engagement section allows you to visually see how many people have accessed the app. Giving you detailed information over a rolling 30 day period as to how many users have entered into the app from Android AND IOS devices

Note: This is only tracks the number of times a user has used your event ID and does not take into account possible app deletion

Event Details

The event details section will show you

  • Event Status
  • Event Name
  • Event ID
  • Event API Key

Event Status

The event status indicates if the event or account is currently active. An active account can make updates to event, if the event or account is in-active you will still be able to view information but will not be able to make changes to the event. [If your account is currently in-active and you wish to reactivate, please contact support]

Event Name

The event name is a display name only, this is used as an indicator in on the main admin console and can be changed under conference settings.

Event ID

The event ID is the ID your attendees will use to access your event. The ID can be changed under conference settings and should be unique to your event. A common naming convention is to use the first letters of your event title and append the year. An example might be for ‘Acme Widgets Conference 2018’ could translate into awc2018 or awc18.


The API Key allows you to pull in session information into your website. The API key, in conjunction with the API snippet allows you to pull in session information to your website.


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