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Upload Excel

The upload excel for attendees give you the ability to


The following option are available:

  • Title
    This would be the title of the attendee
  • First Name
    This would be the first name of the attendee
  • Last Name
    This would be the last name of the attendee
  • Company
    This would be the company the attendee is associated with
  • Website
    This would be the attendee’s website
  • Email
    This would be the attendees email
  • Phone
    This would be the attendees phone number
  • Facebook
    This would be the attendees facebook URL
  • Twitter
    This would be the attendees Twitter URL
  • Linked-in
    This would be the attendees Linkedin URL
  • Description
    This would be the attendees Description
  • Group
    This is a listing of the attendee groups. You can add additional groups by adding to the comma listing of Groups. If a group is not in the system it will be added.
  • Sessions
    The sessions section is a listing of session that will be added to an attendees favs, when validating the attendee will have a pre-defined agenda (the session are based off session ID, these can be found on the manage sessions page)
  • Attendee Only
    Attendee only allows you to set attendee specific details that only the attendee can view and only becomes visible after they have validated themselves in the app (This can be found in-app in the slide out menu > My Details)
  • Checked In
    The checked in column simply allows you to get a quick look at who has checked in / validated themselves in the app
  • Pin
    The pin section list out all attendee pins, this can be used at registration desks for users who may not be able to get their pin through automated ways
  • aid
    The aid is the attendee ID and should not be edited, changing this will prevent the spreadsheet from uploading.
  • Image
    The image section is simply the image used for the attendee and should not be changed
  • Remove
    The Remove option, when set to 1 will remove the attendee on upload, allowing you to bulk remove attendees.


Adding Attendee

Adding an attendee via the spreadsheet can be done by adding a new row to the spreadsheet and filling in the First and Last name fields. All other fields are optional, when adding a new attendee leave the aid section blank as this will trigger the system to add a new attendee for that row.


Editing Attendee

Editing an attendee can be done by updating elements on a row that is already part of the system and making sure a valid aid is in place.

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