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Manage Attendee

The manage attendee section is a listing of all your attendees, allowing you to



The manage attendee section gives you the option to filter the number of attendees show for easy navigation



The manage attendee section has a search box to allow you to search the current list of attendees quickly and efficiantly


Download attendee

The download attendee button will download a full listing of your attendees. This spreadsheet can also be used to add / edit new attendees via the ‘upload excel’ section.


View Status

The manage attendees section also has a column called ‘Checked-In’ When an attendee validates themselves in the app, they are flagged as ‘Checked-in’ indicating they have validated themselves in the app successfully.



The manage attendee section also exposes each attendee pin. The pin is what is used to validate the user in the app and can be considered their ‘Password’. Additionally, you can ‘Resend’ the verification email to your attendees as well by selecting the ‘Resend’ option



The manage attendee section allows you to generate a QR code for each attendee on the fly. By selecting the QR code button a QR code will be generated for the attendee. Attendee QR codes when scanned will bring the user to an attendee page, allowing the attendee to take a note on the attendee, add to contacts or view profile



The manage attendee section allows you to edit any attendee at any time by selecting the ‘Edit’ icon and editing the attendee



The manage attendee section allows you to delete attendees as well, this action cannot be undone.

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