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Header & Footer

Header & Footer

The header & Footer section allows you to

Header and Footer color

The header and footer color can be changed by simply clicking in the “Header Color” OR “Footer Color” sections.

Clicking on any of the sections will display a ‘Color Selector’ that will allow you to select the color of your choosing. Additionally, you may also place a HEX color code as well.

Note: Make sure to submit your changes when done


Upload new header logo

Uploading a new logo is simple and quick with the ConBop system. To upload a new header logo for your app, simply drag and drop the image in the “Drop or Click to upload logo” section

Once the a logo has been selected, the system will automatically upload the logo.

Note: It is important that the logo size is 800 X 225 PX. This will allow the image conversion to process the image correctly


Detail Header Color

The detail header color, much like the ‘Header & Footer’ color sections can be changed by simply clicking in the detail header color box.

You can then select a color for the detail headers, as well as use ant HEX code.

Note: While this is largely depreciated in the ConBop system, some sections such as ‘Surveys’ still use this heading color. 

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