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Amenity Excel

The upload amenity excel section allows you to bulk upload amenities from an excel spreadsheet. From the bulk upload, you can


Add Amenity

Adding an amenity from the spreadsheet can be done by first downloading the amenity template file by selecting the ‘Download Amenities Template’ button from the ‘Amenity > Amenity Excel’ section


Once downloaded you can then open the excel file and start adding / updating amenity information

The excel spreadsheet for exhibitor / sponsor items includes options for

  • Type
    The type must be set to a valid amenity type, valid types are

    • Restaurants
    • Bar
    • Hotel
    • Entertainment
    • Travel
    • Activities
    • Golf
    • Shopping
    • Beaches
    • Medical
    • Fishing
    • Snorkeling
    • Boating & Sailing
    • Scooter Rental
    • Parking
    • Corporate Aircraft
    • Expenses
    • Food
    • On-site Amenities
    • Apparel
    • Housewares
    • Miscellaneous
    • Services
  • Title
    The title of the amenity [e.g. Hotel Name, Restaurant name etc] 
  • Address
    The address of the amenity
  • Phone
    The phone number of the amenity
  • Description
    This is the description of the amenity
  • aID
    The aID is the ID of the amenity and should not be changed. When an aID is in place the system will treat the item as an ‘Update’ to that amenity. If no aID is in place it will add the amenity as ‘New’ (Informational only)


To add a new amenity, simply add a new entry to the spreadsheet, when no aID is added the system will treat the amenity as a ‘New’ item


Update Amenity

Updating an amenity can be done by simply updating an amenity that is already in the spreadsheet. Amenities that contain a valid aID will be updated.


Note: If a aID is not valid it will prevent the spreadsheet from being uploaded, the aID should not be modified

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