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Add Amenity

The add amenity section allows you to add


Amenity Type

The amenity type is a pre-defined list of amenity types. When an amenity is set to a specific type they will be grouped in the app in a collapsible amenity group. Elements are listed alphabetically inside the specific group (amenity type)


Amenity Title

The amenity title is the name of the amenity. This can be the name of a hotel or a restaurant.


Amenity Address

The amenity title allows you to add the address of the amenity. When an address is added it will become a tapable link in the app, triggering the default mapping application to load with the specific address. The attendee can then choose to get directions from that application.


Amenity Phone Number

The amenity phone number allows you to enter a phone number to the amenity, when added it will become tapable and trigger the dial pad of the device, pre-populating the phone number for the attendee.


Amenity Details

The amenity details allows you to add specific details about the amenity, things like hours of opporation or menus and photos, event links to their website.

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