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Add Alert

The Add Alert section allows you to sent event alerts to your attendees, giving you options to


Send a Push Notification

When this option is set to ‘Yes’ (default), the alert will also send a push notification to your user, using the ‘Title’ as the push notification message


Schedule Alerts

When selecting ‘Yes’ for schedule alert another option window will be displayed. This option window will allow you to set


This allows you to set the date the alert should be sent



The time-zone option allows you to set a specific time-zone the alert should be set to, with options for

  • Pacific
  • Mountain
  • Central
  • Eastern

Note: The time-zone is calculated off US time. If international time is needed, make sure to base it off US time. In some cases you may need to change the date if time difference falls a day ahead.


Alert Time

When scheduling and alert you will also need to set the time the alert should be sent, simply input the time you wish the alert to be sent in the schedule time box.


Alert Title

The alert Title is what will be used as the title of the alert, additionally it will be used in a push notification as the alert title


Alert Details

The alert details is what will show in the alert body in the app. Because the body is a rich text editor you may include images, buttons or even links in your alert

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